R.Next E-commerce suite

20 years in the making.

Our new e-commerce engine is built for the future. Well, exactly for the future - you can shedule workflows and disconnected or timed events for any modules. Everything is replayable, trackable and transactional. It's a gem.

Annotr.com digital annotation

Annotate your digital world.

Did you know, that the concept of hypertextual representation predates the digital document? Want to know about the possibilities of advanced text-centric annotation services?

Anything web, anything hypertext

We build your web.

If you want a portal or a hotel booking system, or a digital spaceship, we can build it for you. We speak C#, and live in .net bubble, both on the Windows and the Linux worlds. We like Redis and SQL server as well. Give us a try!

R.API creator

We speak robot.

Want to make your data available for your new audience? We provide you with easily programmable and consumable data storage, API, and proxy solutions. Hypermedia for all.

Interested? Contact us now.